We've shut down!

We are sad to announce that Cupcake is no longer in operation.

Why are you closed?

While we (and many in the community) were deeply committed to the goals of Tent we were unsuccessful in our efforts to fund either Tent or Cupcake. We had to pause work on both projects several years ago when we ran out of personal savings.

Most of our team went on to work on Flynn where we're still spending most of our energy today. It's clear that we won't have the resources to return to Tent or Cupcake soon. It's also expensive to continue to run the site.

Why now?

This has been a long time coming. We were planning to announce the site shutdown in a few months along with an export tool, but GDPR required us to move up that deadline considerably.

What's next?

We're still planning to create a data export tool and plan to make it available in the next few months. Details will be available on this page as soon as the tool is available.

Thanks to everyone

We were overwhelmed by the interest in Tent and Cupcake over the years. The community's interest and support kept us going far longer and made us work far harder than we had imagined when we started the project.

We wish that we had been able to keep up with all the feature requests and development goals, but our resources were always limited.

The Cupcake Team